Would you like to have your say?, why not let companies know what you think of their products by filling in surveys and also receive incentives 

Below is a selection of survey websites intended for UK panellists. As well as surveys there are other ways to earn a little extra money online, for a few suggestions click here

Valued Opinions - this is by far one of the best survey sites in the UK. They usually offer regular surveys (usually paid between £1 and £2 per survey) and when you have enough money in your account you can cash them in for various high street vouchers, Amazon.co.uk vouchers or you can donate the money to various charities. If you choose Amazon vouchers then you get the code immediately but all other vouchers are posted to you and take a few days to arrive.

Lightspeed Research - Lightspeed are another popular survey website. In our experience the surveys seem to come in batches, you may get several in one week and then none at all for the next two or three weeks. You usually get paid between 100-200 points per survey, the points are added to your account immediately and can be exchanged for various vouchers (Amazon, HMV, Boots & more - 550 points for a £5 voucher) or you can have the cash paid into your Paypal account.

Ciao - with Ciao you can not only earn cash from doing surveys (usually around £1) but you can also earn extra payments by adding a review to product you own. The payments are in cash and are paid directly into your bank account. Click on the above banner to signup now.

Juicy Brains - the surveys from Juicy Brains are usually very simple, easy and short - and usually pay around £1. The money is added into your account and currently can only be exchanged for Amazon vouchers, the minimum to exchange is £5.

Ipsos - another excellent survey site and apparently one of the leading market research agencies in the world. When you complete a survey you are given points which can be exchanged for a variety of high street shopping vouchers such as Boots, Argos and WH Smith. To signup you need to be a UK resident of 18 years or more.

Dialego - Dialego is an established German market research institute, which is specialised in carrying out consumer surveys on the internet. You receive points for each survey you complete but I have been a member for about two months and have received just 1 survey so it may take some time to get enough points to collect a reward which can be cash transferred to your bank account (600 points is £40) or an Amazon.co.uk voucher (300 points for a £20 voucher). You get 40 points for signing up.

Global Test Market - This company is based in the US but accepts signups from the UK. Upon completing a survey for Global Test Market rewarded with MarketPoints (usually around 50 points) which when you have 1000 can be redeemed for cash via a cheque mailed to your address. Each MarketPoint is equivalent to 5 U.S. cents

Test & Vote - in theory this survey site seems quite good with regular surveys and quick surveys with 15 points for each one completed. The problems with this site seem quite widespread with points taking a long time to be added to your account and according to various forums when you claim your voucher it can take months to come through but I have not earned enough to claim my voucher yet so this is just hearsay. You earn between 1000 and 30,000 points for each survey completed and your points can be exchanged into vouchers for sites such as HMV, CD-Wow, Halfords and a few more - 60,000 points earns you a £15 HMV voucher. One major problem I have personally found with Test & Vote is that you are often rejected from a survey after answering more than 10 questions so you get no points. They also do products testing but I have never been accepted for any of these tests.

Surveys.com - surveys.com reward your participation in their surveys.com by way of iPoints (www.ipoints.co.uk) which can be good but since iPoints recently overhauled their points system all of their rewards have dramatically increased in cost so it can take a very long time to get enough iPoints to claim your reward.

Yougov - usually pay around 50p or £1 for each survey you complete but there are also prize polls with the prize being £25. Surveys seem to be fairly regular at around 1 or 2 each week. Payment is made by cheque when you have reached £50 in your account, which although takes some time is nice when the cheque arrives.

Opinion Bar - I am not a member of this survey site yet but they seem quite good. Surveys seem to be fairly regular at 1 per week and usually pay around £1, but the surveys are short so are easily and quickly completed unlike some other survey sites. Payment is made by cash transferred into your bank account or you can donate it to charity - the minimum you can withdraw is £10.

Below are some other survey websites that I do not know much about but have included them so you can visit them and decide if you want to join.

Pure Profile
Global Opinion Panels
Opinion People
Home Of Research
Zoom Panel
Pure Profile

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